Wednesday, May 23

On the Commodification of Dolphin Encounters

When I awoke I found myself in line for once-in-a-lifetime opportunity made available by the burgeoning Experience Economy. I can't fathom survival in the days before sleep-eating and mass literacy.

And I, too, have decided that leaving everything in is best for the right here and now. I give you this database and a world for the taking once you see as in the last of the first days of clocks.

Drown your friends. Drown your dreams. Drown your days and your nights. Drown your family. Drown your food and your drink. Drown your job. Drown your car and the waiting. Where they are safe.

When you stare deep in mine eyes you profess to see only twinned error messages. Then sing the blue both terrifying and fantastic. Screen upon screen like the waves that will surely signal the end.

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