Wednesday, May 30

Oral Dissent Gives Justice New Voice

The hedgehog repeats the mantra he learned as a young boy in Tokyo,
ay ee eye oh ewe en sometimes why
ay ee eye oh ewe en sometimes why

What political leader from Georgia had the most impact on the 20th Century world?

There are one dozen eggs in a dozen eggs.
They are stacked neatly on shelves according to size.

Do you realize that, when you are outside, you are standing on more oxygen than you are breathing?

I felt the same way when I heard the news.

The hedgehog was delivered to this planet as a bacteria in a comet that traveled a very long distance.

Through a staggering number of forks the hedgehog emerged from the march – and it takes some pretty heavy Stalinist revision to point out actual decisions. Breeding breeds concurrence.

Early man posited, based on this unpatterned movement misnamed progress, that perhaps the hedgehog was not a fruition. Perhaps the comet meant to teach process.

But that angered the hedgehog greatly and he smote them nearly unto extinction.

We see this story told and re-told in diverse forms including myths surrounding the birth of fire, The Iliad, phrases like “your motherfucking ice cream” and even the preamble to the now-defunct Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.

Yea for you are but a vessel.
Peace be with you and also with you.

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