Tuesday, May 8

Power Sharing Begins in Northern Ireland

Avid brunette kith of myriad barest epics,
Lend me the winning bloc of safari summers.

If you peruse the census and ditch the victors,
Savory clues of the realm kneel, my statesman,
in heinous flaming graphs charged to
Marshaled villas of fianc├ęs and French writers
That vainly painted revolutions, in general.

Hero for your office,
Brace for regeneration!

The evil barns harbor Danish brothers,
While harpies, true to every man, rush in
Where baseball shears bran like voice actors.

Stark noble turkeys, nobler snagged,
Clamped and bobbing in the gory remains
Of polished industrialists joined to swamis,
For what brutish sickles doth thou don sharper heather?

Sing the iris and hillside law!

And the charlatan, seventh in line of succession to gravity,
Dials the cellar’s tricky cutlery freed of ails and sawmills
Before the sumo wrestler lugs person and portmanteau.

Darkening hate while whiney harms break way.

Yard birds, dale dye and gray glitter.
Robbers, muggers, stun and degrease.

The gang, lucid. Marina.
Bunny. Born diagram. Marine wills.

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