Friday, May 4

Seeing No Progress, Some Schools Drop Laptops

A train leaves Paris at 4 p.m. for Nice, carrying a 22 year-old woman. Ten minutes later, a second train carrying conservative presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy departs from Nice headed for Paris. The women has just left her job, her family, her boyfriend of three years, a nice apartment and a Chow Chow named John who is a bit mouthy. She is carrying a canvas shoulder bag containing a well-used composition book, a French-to-English dictionary and her purse which contains a small assortment of cosmetics along with her ID, credit cards, a few receipts and loose currency. The only other passenger in line-of-sight will fall asleep less than an hour into the trip. A dot of saliva will gather at the corner of his mouth mere minutes later and a jostle on the tracks will send it tumbling to his chest. But she won’t see this occur. The Nice-bound train is traveling at 150 km/hour while the Paris-bound is moving at 200km/hour. Her cell phone battery is nearly fully charged and Sarkozy stands 1m 58cm tall. When will the two trains lead you to consider the nutritional value of your last meal?

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